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If you are looking for Speakers, Trainers, Facilitators and MC's under $2000 for your functions then AlmostFamous is the resource for you.

AlmostFamous will help you locate the right speaker at the right price for your event. 

Speakers and Trainers who are members of AlmostFamous are good and getting better all the time. There are a number of special features about these people:

1. They are committed to making a business out of their speaking talent

2. They are experts in their field

3. They are available at less cost than you would pay for a professional speaker. The maximum fee they charge is $2000.00 per engagement.

  How does AlmostFamous work? 3 simple steps to find the right speaker for your conference.
  Step 1. Simply enter the details of your event into our easy to complete form and sit back and wait for speakers to respond.
  Almost Famous will compare your specification against all the speakers on file and match to the best suited members. AF will then contact the Presenter and show them the details of your event and invite them to send in a proposal.
  As the proposals come in you will be advised how many are available.
  Step 2. At your convenience you log in to AlmostFamous and review the proposals.
  All proposals are in the same format so you will be able to compare apples to apples and not be swayed by flashy brochures etc. You can use the AlmostFamous rating system to select the "best fit" and then interview the applicants by phone or arrange for personal interview if you wish. 

You will not be contacted by any speakers as they are not given your contact details.  They are shown sufficient detail of the event so they can decide if they are interested or not.  It is up to you to review the proposals you get and contact them.
  Step 3. Once you have made a decision use Almost Famous to confirm with the successful Presenter and advise the other applicants.
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