Emerging Speaker or Trainer
  We are sure that you have great messages and a lot of enthusiasm. You know your subject inside and out and know that people will benefit from your message.

So, how do you turn all of that into a business, actually earn money and work with real clients?

The sub $2000 market is one that bureaus do not want to work with - but definitely a market that exists. Speakers bureaus only work with top end professionals.

So, how do you get to that level?

As a sub $2000.00 speaker Almostfamous.com.au offers you more exposure, better marketing and a fast track to success. AlmostFamous.com.au provides the three things that you need to create a speaking career: Education, Experience and Feedback.
  AlmostFamous has an extensive library of easy-to-find educational resources on all areas of the industry written by professionals who have been there, done that.
  First you register as a Presenter and enter details about yourself including your specialist subjects. You can also load an audio file that is used in your promotion and you can store any number of electronic products for distribution to site visitors thus improving your exposure and credibility.
  Companies looking for speakers will log their requirements onto the system including details of the job like date, location, audience size and type, subject required etc.
  If your profile "fits the brief" you will be invited to provide a professional proposal that AlmostFamous.com.au will generate for you based on your existing profile and anything else that you would like to add at the time.
  The Client will review all proposals, make direct contact with you if they wish to and make their decision.
  Almost Famous can complete an engagement agreement for both parties at no extra cost to you or your client.
  One of the most important aspects of your growth as a presenter is your willingness to solicit and respond to feedback.  Through a unique rating system AlmostFamous.com.au will gather and present feedback to you for the work you do.  By responding to the suggestions made in that feedback your growth will be assured.
  To be successful you must be able to provide what the public wants.  AlmostFamous.com.au feedback comes directly from your audience and you will soon learn what the public wants in this way.
  Your Investment
  Registration as a presenter on AlmostFamous.com.au is A$125.00 per year and $49.00 per proposal that you wish to make.  To find potential clients, get in front of them and make your pitch would cost much more than this.  Not only that, since all profiles are in the same format it is much easier for the client to decide and your profile has as good a chance as any in consideration.
  To view the terms and conditions of your use of AlmostFamous.com.au please click here.
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